New: Original Art with Coordinating Fabric


Have you ever experienced this moment when something very exciting happens to you and you can't really believe that it is true? I recently felt like this when I picked up my first roll of printed designer fabric with a design from one of my original artworks. The fabric is 100 per cent cotton and suitable for cushions, lampshades and soft furnishings.

Design Feathers by Bettina Deda. Original Art on canvas and on cotton fabric.

I know from my market research that there are people out there who find it challenging to find something different for their home that is not ridiculously expensive. I know that there are homeowners who want to create a home with their personal decorating style and not being talked into something by a professional designer. Most people don't want to replace everything they have but rather add a few new pieces to spruce up their space.

Three very effective strategies to introduce your personal interior style are to add unique original art, cushions and lampshades in a coordinating fabric to your interior.


Let's look at how you can create a home that reflects your personal interior style.

1. Introduce art in your space.

Art is a very personal thing and I always recommend to trust your gut feelings when deciding about an artwork. If you love it, you will make it work and find a place in your home. If you decorate a room from scratch get your artwork first and use it as starting point for your colour scheme. This is much easier than trying to find the right piece of art for a room that has been completely furnished and decorated. If you have trouble getting the colour scheme right, I can not only help you with designing the colour scheme, but also painting an abstract work for your space. If you can't find anything in my gallery, you can commission a work and define the size, design and colour scheme for your artwork.

2. Use cushions to instantly inject colour and texture in a room.

Spring Blossoms by Bettina Deda. Original art on canvas with coordinating cushion.

Cushions are a great decorating tool and can be easily changed around your home. Stick to one colour scheme and you can layer different patterns in your space. Create something unique by introducing cushions that coordinate with your artwork. These first fabric designs are inspired by my original artworks. Choose the design and material and create your unique designer cushion.

3. Add a coordinating lampshade to complete the look.

Link your space by introducing a gorgeous pendant, table lamp or standing light with the same fabric as your cushion(s)! If you want something different, choose your fabric and have a unique lampshade made for your interior.

For more information about my fabrics and how you can introduce them into your interior, fill out your name and contact details in the form on my contact page. I would love to learn more about your decorating project and discuss how I can help you achieve your desired outcome.

If you are in Sydney in May, I would like to invite you to see me at site H4 at the Northern Beaches Expo, Warriewood, 25/26 May 2013. I will display my art and fabrics and will show how you can create something unique for your interior. There will also be the chance to win an original artwork!


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