DIY Decorating Ebook

Decorate It Yourself - Essential Steps to Achieve a WOW Interior


A step-by-step workbook for homeowners with checklists, printout sheets and practical tips to manage your interior decorating project successfully.

In this ebook you will discover

  • How to identify your project
  • 3 proven ways to find your personal decorating style
  • How to use the power of colour
  • How to visualise your ideas
  • How to prepare your space
  • Ideas for room layouts
  • Secrets of professional stylists

You know how much time and money you can waste if you don’t follow a strategic plan for your home renovation. What this ebook does is very quickly develop a plan for you, through a range of printout sheets, checklists and practical tips, so that you are very clear what you spend, what to buy and when to buy it, whilst renovating. This means that you will save time and money and enjoy your new home quicker.

'Upon opening 'Decorate It Yourself' I was immediately struck by the ease of reading through the content. The book proved to be written in a way that was simple to follow and with language about styling my home that was brilliant to understand. With worksheets included, Bettina leaves nothing out of the process and allows input from other family members (if desired). The sections in the book on colour were a favourite read, as I love colour and have always used it in my home, but the explanations of how it works were something I have not previously read. Many people fear colour and it would be money well spent to have a colour consultant, like Bettina, come in and make suggestions to really enhance your home, rather than just using some shade of white. During the book I gained a better understanding of how using an interior stylist can give you a professional opinion on how your home spaces can be best utilised. As home owners we are all amateur decorators so by consulting a professional the house can really become a home.' Kelly Robinson, Homeowner

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