Start Living with Less … Get Rid of Excess Clutter … Create a Happy Home With the Things You Love!

Are you planning to downsize or living with less and don’t know where to start?
Are you procrastinating because you feel totally overwhelmed?
Would you like to get rid of all your excess clutter and stuff to free up your mind and concentrate on the things that are important to you?
Do you value good design and assistance in transforming your house into a unique home?

Kick off your downsizing journey with our easy-to-follow 5-step process to downsize with style!

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  • You talk; we listen – Understanding your downsizing or decorating challenges and what you want to achieve in your home. Send us some images beforehand if you like.
  • Learn how to overcome procrastination by working with our 5-step process
  • Get tips how to accelerate your de-cluttering project
  • Discover creative ways of dealing with your sentimental items
  • Discover how you can save money, time and have less stress while downsizing
  • Achieve clarity about the way forward

After reading a bit in Bettinas book, I had the wish to get some more specific and individual advice. We did want a dialogue, where you can ask further questions, go deeper into some issues. As I live in Norway, there`s no possibility to actually meet "face to face". We decided then to have a consultation over Skype. To make sure that we both were prepared and able to use the consultation time efficiently, I had sent my points of interests per email before the consultation. We agreed upon secure payment in advance, appointment time (which is important when you are living in different time zones). It worked out very well! I can recommend this kind of consultation as an easy, fresh & inspiring way to communicate and to help making decisions. Possible from everywhere. Done professionally.

Regine B.

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We can help you reduce stress while downsizing, achieve a stylish and functional home in a more compact space and refine your apartment lifestyle.

We assist you in

  • De-cluttering and prioritising what to keep
  • Home organisation
  • Visualising your new space through a 3D floor plan
  • Storage optimisation
  • Incorporating your beloved pieces to create a unique interior
  • Choosing colours
  • Sourcing finishes, furniture, décor, fabric and art
  • Becoming more confident in implementing your personal decorating style
  • Styling the finishing touches
  • Project Management
  • Preparing your home for sale

No matter if you are moving to a 2-bedroom unit or a 4-bedroom townhouse or if you are just looking to streamline your home and lifestyle, we are here to help!

Don’t hesitate and start a new chapter of your life today!


Yes! If you …

  • Are sick and tired of living in a big house with lots of chores and not enough time to enjoy your life
  • Want to get rid of all the clutter and stuff you have accumulated over the years
  • Can’t wait to establish your desired lifestyle with less stuff and more time to do the things you love
  • Want to gain more time for travelling, hobbies and socialising
  • Want to enjoy a beautiful and functional home where you only surround yourself with the things you love

No! If you …

  • Don’t care that your clutter is taking over your daily life and holds you back from experiencing a better lifestyle
  • Are not ready to let go of the things that anchor you in the past
  • Are not interested in embracing change and discovering the opportunities that come with it
  • Are not ready to explore and experience how downsizing can improve your health and wellbeing
  • Don’t care that it will become harder and more complicated to downsize the older you get

Book your  Online Consultation (1 hour) to discuss your downsizing and decorating challenges and achieve clarity about the way forward.

For under $100 you can establish your desired lifestyle!

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I am an interior designer and writer living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As a Creative Mentor I am on a mission to help my clients transform their creative ideas into practical solutions.
I would love to help you create a happy home and lifestyle through beautiful and inspiring interiors. I believe that only in a home with heart and personality, a home that reflects your personal decorating style, can you truly relax and re-energise.
My vision is to inspire empty nesters and homeowners to simplify their life, to focus on the important things and to live a more meaningful life.