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I am very delighted to announce that

Downsize with Style has won a Bronze Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2015!

The book launch was at the BoConcept showroom in Crows Nest in March 2014. Click here to read my blog and view images. Any press to help promote the book in some way would be AWESOME and much appreciated!


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Useful Links

Interview Topics and Story Angles

Apartment Living

  • Urban development in Australia and Sydney in particular
  • The importance of good design in higher density vertical living
  • How to refine your retirement lifestyle through inspiring interiors
  • The future of housing in Australia
  • New wellness apartments redefine healthy living


  • Downsize rather sooner than later and refine your new lifestyle
  • 10 Reasons to downsize rather sooner than later
  • How to overcome procrastination when planning to downsize
  • De-cluttering made easy
  • Simplify your life: Creative Ways of Free-Cycling
  • How to deal with emotional items
  • Decorating essentials for apartment downsizers
  • Storage solutions for small spaces

Creativity & Interior Decorating

  • Spark up your creativity with mood boards
  • How to find your personal decorating style
  • How to use the power of colour in your home
  • Think like a designer
  • The art of styling a vignette
  • How to curate a bookshelf
  • Creative walls
  • Ideas for apartment room layouts
  • How to make a small space look larger


  • How to create a sacred space in your home by adding aromatherapy to your interior


I really enjoyed reading your book. You have presented the complexities of downsizing so well.

Lorranie Cox
Downsizing with Ease

This book is an important contribution to the shape of our cities as it encourages older people to downsize to apartments. There is an amazing new lifestyle full of activity that comes with retirees moving from large homes into well-designed apartments in urban locations. Downsize with Style is an excellent guide and support to help potential downsizers understand the steps along the way as well as the importance of good design in a more compact space.

Chris Johnson
CEO Urban Taskforce Australia, Former NSW Government Architect

Always leave it to the experts – that has been my motto and Bettina has proven me correct! This book is not only an instruction guide; it’s an inspirational guide, which makes it such easy reading with even easier application. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight and passion Bettina and happy downsizing to everyone who enjoys this ride!

Carren Smith
Speaker, Author, Humanitarian

As Australia’s ageing population continues to grow, we are seeing more and more retirees making the move from the sprawling family home, to new purpose-designed urban developments, retirement villages and apartment blocks. Their decision to downsize is not a decision to downgrade – they are seeking quality and efficient design and lifestyle opportunities close to family, friends, entertainment and conveniences. The only dilemma many face is how to ‘pack up’ their lifelong belongings and start afresh with style and ease. Bettina Deda has come to the rescue with her new book Downsize with Style. Her flair for design and her practical and informative advice help turns what could be a time of emotional turmoil, into one, which promises an exciting new beginning.

Petrina Smith
Editor, The Retiree Magazine

A treasure chest packed with innovative ideas and practical advice. Laced with inspiring quotes and overlaid with an intelligent philosophical insight to life and the emotional stress of change & moving – a must have for anyone planning a move – downsizing or not.

Janet Cater

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How to achieve a stylish interior in a smaller space – #downsizewithstyle by @bdcolourdesign

Book Description

Downsize with Style addresses some of the biggest challenges empty nesters have:

  • Defining their new lifestyle
  • De-cluttering
  • Prioritising what to keep, and
  • Storage optimisation a smaller space.

It is a practical guide along an easy-to-follow 5-step process to successfully manage your downsizing project. The five steps include de-cluttering, finding your personal style, visualising your ideas, layout your space and start decorating. Additionally, you will find expert tips from international designers, real estate and removal specialists! Downsizing is often associated with negative feelings and emotions. Bettina encourages downsizers to see it differently, to live with an attitude of gratitude, to embrace the change and the opportunities that come with it.

Downsize with style-Bettina Deda

Sample Blurb

I am excited to announce that Bettina Deda’s book Downsize with Style hits the shelves this month! The beautifully illustrated guide addresses the biggest challenges empty nesters face: Defining their new lifestyle, de-cluttering, prioritising what to keep and storage optimisation in a smaller space. It is a practical guide along an easy-to-follow 5-step process to successfully manage your downsizing project.
As Bettina describes it: ‘Downsizing is often associated with negative feelings and emotions. I encourage you to see it differently, to live with an attitude of gratitude, to embrace the change and be open to opportunities that come with it. Now, it is time to start a new chapter of your life! Step out of your comfort zone and be ready to experience new and exciting things.’
To learn more about the book, download a free chapter here or purchase the book here. You can read more about Bettina here. To stay connected, subscribe to her blog or follow her on Facebook and Twitter @bdcolourdesign.

Publishing Facts

  • The idea for the book was born in May 2013 after reading about the physical changes Australian cities are going through.
  • Two months of research followed.
  • I started writing the book in August 2013 and finished the first draft five weeks later.
  • It took another five weeks to gather editorial input from contributors.
  • I was in charge of the project management, the marketing plan, the launch strategy and the launch event.
  • The launch event is held at the BoConcept showroom in Crows Nest on the 7th March 2014.

Professional Facts

  • I was born and raised in Germany.
  • I am a born organiser with excellent time management skills.
  • I studied Business Administration with focus on tourism and the hospitality industry.
  • I worked as editor for three years and later on in public relations for 16 years.
  • After moving to Australia in 2008 I downsized from the corporate world to start a new chapter of my life.
  • In 2009, I dedicated a whole year to study drawing and painting in several art schools around Sydney (National Art School, Julian Ashton Art School);
  • I studied at the International School of Colour and Design and graduated with a Cert IV followed by a Colour Design Diploma in 2011.
  • I registered my business Bettina Deda colour design, but decided to first gain some work experience as sales consultant in a furniture store (13 months).
  • In 2012 I started out with my interior styling business. In 2013, I launched my first fabrics for soft furnishings inspired by my hand painted original artworks.
  • I publish a weekly blog and write freelance for design and lifestyle magazines.

Private Facts

  • I am a colour lover.
  • I am a lover of beautiful things.
  • Beauty and gratitude are my top personal values.
  • The Art Gallery of NSW is a second home.
  • The perfect weekend is browsing flea markets and antique shops.
  • I love green tea. I don’t drink coffee any more.
  • I am the proud mum of two lovely (wild) boys.
  • Yoga has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and experience new things.

Looking for something that isn’t there?

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