Downsizing has never sounded so easy!

Everyone learns differently. This is why I want to deliver you my message in as many ways as possible. The Downsize With Style podcast is a series of audio podcasts complementing the book and my blog.

The podcast not only delivers you practical advice how to get started – topped with inspirational encouragement – but also provides lots of design and decorating tips to create a happy home and refine your new apartment lifestyle.

Additionally, you will hear from other designers and senior service professionals to support you make the right decisions at this stage in your life.

Listen – whenever you like – and be inspired to take action!

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DWS 74: Dulux Colour Forecast 2017
Discover the new Dulux Colour Trends 2017 Antidote - A Colour Cure in my interview with Andrea Lucena-Or, Colour Planning[...]
DWS 73: Letting Go
In this episode, which is for the time being the last episode, I talk about the act of ‘letting go’.[...]
DWS 72: Colour Psychology for Home Decorators
Colour is the most powerful tool in non-verbal communication. Colour impacts on a subconscious level on our behaviour, wellbeing, emotions,[...]
DWS 71: 5 Strategies to Boost Your Creativity
In this episode of the Downsize with Style podcast show I talk about the power or positive psychology and establishing[...]
DWS 70: Finding the Right Chair
In Episode 70 of the Downsize with Style podcast you will hear: Tips to choose the right chair for your[...]
DWS 69: How to Visualise Your Retirement Lifestyle
In episode 69 of the Downsize with Style podcast you will hear how you can use the versatile mood board[...]
DWS 68: Build Mum a House
Interview with Jola Jackson, who publishes the UK blog Build Mum a House. When her mother could not maintain the[...]
DWS 67: Styling Your Home to Live in
Interview with Naomi Findlay, CEO of Silk Home and Founder of the International Institute of Home Staging about styling your[...]
DWS 66: 5 Tips to Spruce up Your Home
You might have been living in your apartment for a while and feel that it’s time for a change. If[...]
DWS 65: 10 Tips to Stay Organised at Home
January usually is the month when we are full of energy in regards to the things we want to achieve[...]
DWS 64: Best of 2015
This episode of the Downsize with Style podcast features extracts of three shows that have been most popular in 2015[...]
DWS 63: The Gracewood Community
Are you overwhelmed with the number of retirement housing options to choose from? Are you not sure if a retirement[...]
DWS 62: Case Study: Community Living
Have you ever considered community living and moving into a retirement resort? Would you like to hear first hand what[...]
DWS 61: 7 Things to Consider When Downsizing Your Home
In this episode, I share seven things to consider when downsizing your home, such as costs, lifestyle, location, funcitonality, and[...]
DWS 60: House Sharing for Empty Nesters
Affordable housing for a growing population is a hot topic in Australia. In the past year, I interviewed many people[...]
DWS 59: From Empty Nest to No Nest
In this episode, I chat with Veronica and David, a couple from the US, who downsized from their family home[...]
DWS 58: 3 Strategies to Find Your Decorating Style
You are downsizing and looking to create an inspiring, stylish, and personal home. In order to achieve this, you need[...]
DWS 57: Decluttering Paperwork
In episode 57 of the Downsize with Style podcast, I share 5 Tips to de-clutter your paperwork. Show Notes: DWS[...]
DWS 56: Downsizing with Pets
Australia’s first apartment dog park has been announced in Melbourne. The Gardenhill Project will feature a securely fenced ground floor[...]
DWS 55: Eating and Ageing Well
Downsizing, de-cluttering, selling your family home, moving to a smaller space – the entire process can be very stressful. Therefore,[...]
DWS 54: Decluttering by Categories
Do you have difficulties to let go of things because you might need them someday? Well, you are not alone.[...]
DWS 53: Multi-Purpose Rooms
In episode 53 I share three essential steps to make most out of a spare bedroom. Often, spare bedrooms are[...]
DWS 52: From NOW to WOW
Do you want to know How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life? Tune in[...]
DWS 51: Navigate Your Life
You turned 50 and now what? How are you going to navigate the next stage of your life or career?[...]
DWS 50: Personal Style Makeover
A while ago, I came across an article in The Retiree Magazine from psychologist Fiona Robards, author of the book[...]
DWS 49: Downsizing after Divorce
In this podcast, I speak with Lisa McAdams, a personal trainer and transformational couch specialising in helping women, who went[...]
DWS 48: Living With Less
I have been working on a downsizing campaign with Howard's Storage World over the past six months. In this podcast,[...]
DWS 47: Love Your Home
In episode 47 of the Downsize with Style podcast, I chat with interior designer Babette Hayes about love in the[...]
DWS 46: Strata Information Library
Apartment living is becoming more and more popular. A Tsunami of articles has flooded the media landscape about minimum sizes,[...]
DWS 45: Lifestyle Planning
In this episode of the Downsize with Style podcast show we are talking about Lifestyle Planning and what to consider[...]
DWS 44: Versatile Apartment Furniture
In this episode, Bettina talks about versatile apartment furniture – spotted at IKEA – for living areas and bedrooms as[...]
DWS 43: Interview Chris Johnson
In episode 43, Bettina speaks with Chris Johnson, CEO of the Urban Taskforce Australia. In the first part, Chris shares[...]
DWS 42: Financial Security
Do you know your finances? Do you have an idea what you will need for your retirement? What lifestyle you[...]
DWS 41: US Case Study on Downsizing
In this episode, Sally Hart reports live from New York City where she speaks with former clients who have downsized[...]
DWS 40: Apartment Living in Sydney
Did you know that 56 percent of Sydneysiders are involved in apartment living? And that 40 percent of apartment owners[...]
DWS 39: Granny Flats
Granny flats are an option to keep your family home for your children and downsize on your property to a[...]
DWS 38: Home Entertainment Systems
Moving to an apartment or smaller home means to start from scratch with your home entertainment system. You might face[...]
DWS 37: Interview with BoConcept
When downsizing to a smaller home or apartment, people often take the oppportunity to create something new, a different style,[...]
DWS 36: Downsizing Case Study
In episode 36 of the Downsize With Style podcast, I interview Tami Marlowe, who downsized with her husband from a[...]
DWS 35: Creative Ways to Accomodate Your Hobbies After Downsizing
Have you used your garage as art studio or workshop? And now you are wondering where to move this favourite[...]
DWS 34: Simple Strategies to be Happier at Home
"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." Benjamin Disraeli Tune in to this episode[...]
DWS 33: How to Organise Your Paperwork and Digital World
In episode 33 of the Downsize With Style podcast, Sally Hart talks with Laurel Grey from Happily Organised, specialising in[...]
DWS 32: How Architects Can Add Value to Your Retirement Lifestyle
Storage is a major topic for any homeowner – no matter how large or small a home is. And it[...]
DWS 31: Aromatherapy or The Power of Smell
Today I am talking to Julie Nelson, an aromatherapist, natural beauty consultant and artisan perfumer, about how aromatherapy can help[...]
DWS 30: Bespoke Lampshades and More
In episode number 30, I am talking with Arif Imran from Shady Designs in Sydney's Inner West, offering bespoke lampshades.[...]
DWS 29: Clutter Busters
Discussing one of Sally's ideabooks on houzz Australia, we share some strategies and tips to find the right mindset for[...]
DWS 28: Downsizing in Your Family Home
This is the first episode with storage designer Sally Hart as co-host. Sally will join me and contribute with her[...]
DWS 27: 2 Epic Online Platforms for Home Decorators
Finding your personal decorating style can be challenging and is one of the reasons why Australians use houzz, a combination[...]
DWS 26: Be Happier at Home
In the podcast I talk about a book I recently came across and that is very close to my heart:[...]
DWS 25: Retirement Property Survey
What are people looking for in a retirement property? Two bedrooms or more, a community setting and public transport are[...]
DWS 24: Working Part-Time as Retiree
Especially after downsizing and letting go of a big house with lots of chores people often free up time for[...]
DWS 23: Reflections 2014 & New Year Resolutions
It is the time of the year to think about and write down your major goals for 2015. Have you[...]
DWS 22: Getting Started with Storage Design
This episode of the Downsize With Style podcast features an interview with storage designer Sally Hart from Clever Closet Company.[...]
DWS 21: Buying An Apartment
Today we are talking about the basics of Body Corporates and what every empty nester, thinking of buying an apartment,[...]
DWS 20: 11 Tactics to Deal with Sentimental Items
Handling emotions and dealing with sentimental items is one of the hardest things to deal with when downsizing. We project[...]
DWS 19: Storage Solutions For Small Spaces
Storage is a major topic for any homeowner – no matter how large or small your home is. This episode[...]
DWS 18: A Quick Guide To Decorating
Episode 18 of the Downsize With Style podcast provides tips and tricks from professional stylists for home decorators. You will[...]
DWS 17: Foolproof Decorating Tips for Apartment Downsizers
In episode 17 of the Downsize With Style podcast we look at how to create an interesting and unique interior[...]
DWS 16: Relax and Move – Expert Advice on Moving
In episode number 16 of the Downsize With Style podcast show I am talking with Conway Stensness, founder and director[...]
DWS 15: How To Make Small Spaces Look Larger
If you are downsizing, you are moving to a smaller space. A lot of empty nesters find it hard to[...]
DWS 14: Clever Ideas for Apartment Room Layouts
Small spaces require clever space management and room layouts. Every square metre needs to be used. Another important point to[...]
DWS 13: Interview with Babette Hayes
Welcome to episode Nr. 13 of the Downsize With Style podcast to help empty nesters overcome procrastination, get rid off[...]
DWS 12: Epic Formula To Make Your Interior Work
You have come a long way now and can be proud of your achievements. You have mastered the unpopular task[...]
DWS 11: Visualise Your Ideas
Step 3 of the 5-step process to downsize with style is a creative task which will help you visualise your[...]
DWS 10: Find Your Personal Decorating Style
Today I would like to invite you to learn more about Step 2 of the 5-step process to downsize with[...]
DWS 09: Essential Things For Balcony Gardens
I am not a big gardener I have to admit. I know, however, that many empty nesters had big gardens[...]
DWS 08: Decorating Essentials & Wish List
In this podcast we are focussing on the most important pieces of furniture to start a new chapter of your[...]
DWS 07: Key Benefits Of Feng Shui Interiors
Have you heard of Feng Shui but don't know how to incorporate it in your home? Feng Shui is the[...]
DWS 06: The Ultimate Decluttering Guide
You are planning to move to a smaller home or are in the process of downsizing already. Even if you[...]
DWS 05: Creative Ways to Deal With Sentimental Items
Handling emotions and dealing with sentimental items is one of the hardest things to deal with when downsizing. We project[...]
DWS 04: How to Find the Right Retirement Village
Finding the right place to live when downsizing is one of the hardest tasks for empty nesters. There are many[...]
DWS 03: How To Style Your Property For Sale When Downsizing
I recently was invited to speak at a downsizing event about property styling and how to best dress your home[...]
DWS 02: Downsize With Style Author Talk
I recently had my first author talk at the lovely Bookoccino book store in Avalon, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. With[...]
DWS 01: Introduction of the Downsize With Style Podcast Show
Welcome to the Downsize With Style podcast show to help you create a happy home and refine your new lifestyle![...]