Downsize with Style

Downsize With Style by Bettina Deda

The idea for Downsize with Style was born when I read about the major physical change Australian cities are going through. More and more people prefer an urban lifestyle close to amenities. They choose to live in low maintenance apartments rather than big houses for various reasons: simplifying their lifestyle, saving money on furnishings, appliances and energy, gaining more time for travelling and hobbies or downsizing to start a new chapter of their life.

Downsize with Style addresses some of the biggest challenges empty nesters have: Defining their new lifestyle, de-cluttering, prioritising what to keep and storage optimisation and creating a happy home from day one. It is a practical style guide based on an easy-to-follow 5-step process to managing your downsizing project successfully. Additionally, you will find inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

The five steps include de-cluttering, finding your personal style, visualising your ideas, planning your space and decorating small spaces. Furthermore, you will find expert tips from international designers, real estate and removal specialists! So, if you are planning to downsize, but keep procrastinating your move because you don’t know where to start, this book is for you!

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“Congratulations on the publication of your beautiful book Downsize with Style. What s stylish, fabulous, easy read. Best of luck!” Suzy Jacobs, Founder of She Business Australia

Downsize With Style is available as print book and Ebook

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You will discover

  • How to overcome procrastination by working with a plan, checklists and practical tips along the way
  • How to deal with emotional topics and items
  • Creative ways of recycling and free cycling
  • How to identify your decorating essentials
  • Ways to enhance your personal style
  • How to achieve a stylish home without breaking the bank
  • 10 reasons to downsize rather sooner than later
  • Expert tips from international designers, real estate and relocation specialists.


I really enjoyed reading your book. You have presented the complexities of downsizing so well.

Lorranie Cox
Downsizing with Ease

This book is an important contribution to the shape of our cities as it encourages older people to downsize to apartments. There is an amazing new lifestyle full of activity that comes with retirees moving from large homes into well-designed apartments in urban locations. Downsize with Style is an excellent guide and support to help potential downsizers understand the steps along the way as well as the importance of good design in a more compact space.

Chris Johnson
CEO Urban Taskforce Australia, Former NSW Government Architect

Always leave it to the experts – that has been my motto and Bettina has proven me correct! This book is not only an instruction guide; it’s an inspirational guide, which makes it such easy reading with even easier application. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight and passion Bettina and happy downsizing to everyone who enjoys this ride!

Carren Smith
Speaker, Author, Humanitarian

As Australia’s ageing population continues to grow, we are seeing more and more retirees making the move from the sprawling family home, to new purpose-designed urban developments, retirement villages and apartment blocks. Their decision to downsize is not a decision to downgrade – they are seeking quality and efficient design and lifestyle opportunities close to family, friends, entertainment and conveniences. The only dilemma many face is how to ‘pack up’ their lifelong belongings and start afresh with style and ease. Bettina Deda has come to the rescue with her new book Downsize with Style. Her flair for design and her practical and informative advice help turns what could be a time of emotional turmoil, into one, which promises an exciting new beginning.

Petrina Smith
Editor, The Retiree Magazine

A treasure chest packed with innovative ideas and practical advice. Laced with inspiring quotes and overlaid with an intelligent philosophical insight to life and the emotional stress of change & moving – a must have for anyone planning a move – downsizing or not.

Janet Cater

Anyone interested in interior decoration, especially stylish downsizing, will find many valuable pointers and suggestions in this clearly written how-to book. Many subheadings in the chapters enable easy reading and absorbing. Similarly, many illustrations, showing possible layouts, provide a colorful graphic dimension. A five-step process to manage downsizing include devising a plan with checklists; identifying decorating essentials; achieving a stylish home within a budget; dealing with emotional/sentimental aspects; and refining one’s home/apartment lifestyle. Sample scenarios embellish the practical text. The book tells you how to visualise your ideas and layout and create a breakdown of essential items for various rooms. The use of colour to make a small space seem larger is among the many key suggestions to achieve one’s special decorative desires. Spaces for notes are also provided. Outdoor areas are also covered. Many tips from other international designers and related authorities add useful ideas. Rosters of where to donate, sell, swap and recycle have an Australian focus but they can be applied in the U.S. as well. Apt quotes from luminaries are a nice touch, but it would be worthwhile to add a bit more identifying information on the lesser-known figures. The title/subtitle, and cover design, are each quite effective.

22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, USA

I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and was thrilled to receive it in the mail complete with a lovely bookmark. Everyone can use a little guidance now and then and this book by Bettina Deda is a wonderful step-by-step guide to how to downsize belongings without sacrificing style and beauty. The author states at the very beginning of her book that beauty and gratitude are two of the most important things to embrace in life and she has presented ways to achieve both of those in her lovely book about creating a beautiful home in the midst of downsizing…The author is Australian so many of the references to websites, stores and removalists are not particularly helpful for those of us who live in the US but she captures the entire process in such a well laid out manner that that really does not matter. Similar things can be located locally to complete the transformation that she helps her readers to visualize. While I am not in the need of downsizing quite at the present I can really understand how this book would be a great tool for those who are in the marker. Well written and illustrated this is a little gem of a book that I would recommend.

Beth Ann

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Downsize With Style is available as print book and Ebook

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