10 Kitchens that show their true colours


Kitchens are the centre and backbone of the house where we spend a lot of time - especially if you have children and work from home as I do. Apart from preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner you make yourself a coffee or snack, read the newspaper on the kitchen bench, sort your mail. Kitchens become more and more socializing and entertaining spaces. In open plan houses they are a focal point. Why not make this space really fun and inviting?

In regards to colour and pattern choices are endless. If you visit showrooms, browse magazines or websites you will find more colour, pattern and texture than ever. I recently found these great ideas from German kitchen companies in a newsletter from Schoener Wohnen, a leading German interior design magazine. I love the ideas and colour schemes and would like to share them with you here. Even if you can't get all the brands here in Australia, I hope you find some ideas and inspiration for your own kitchen design.

Number 1: In this all white glossy kitchen the sulfur-coloured and lacquered glass bench makes all the difference. How well does the cool colour scheme of the kitchen work with the warm timber floor!

Picture: Leicht Kuechen,

Number 2: A warm yellow as wall colour behind a kitchen shelf enhances this friendly natural looking timber kitchen. The grey floor makes this colour scheme work really well.

Picture: Next125,

Number 3: This kitchen from Siematic uses lemon yellow as accent colour - and with great effect! The yellow shelf at the end of the bench is not only an eye-catcher but also a funky display and storage piece.

Picture: Siematic

Number 4: This contemporary stream lined cooking bench from Leicht Kuechen stands out from the crowd by showing off a red colour band that seems to wrap around the bench. The warm red contrasting this stark white  kitchen invites the homeowner and guests to spend more time in this space.

Picture: Leicht Kuechen,

Number 5: The red-orange glass bench in this modern kitchen from Warendorf reflects the downlights and makes the whole space glow. The grey joinery forms a perfect backdrop for the bright orange accent. Have you noticed the orange frame around the oven linking the whole space together?

Picture: Warendorf,

Number 6: Another white and red kitchen with grey as background colour. This high gloss kitchen from Nolte Kuechen not only looks stunning, you can easily change the cabinet doors to another colour should you want to change the whole look in the future.

Picture: Nolte Kuechen,

Number 7: This kitchen from Leicht Kuechen works with contrast and texture. The matte surface of the petrol coloured bench looks like velvet and juxtaposes the high-gloss overhead cupboards coloured in a very light tone grey. The colour scheme is rather cool and creates a fresh and breezy atmosphere. Although I have to admit that blue is not my favourite colour for kitchens, this ultra-modern kitchen creates a wow factor in any space.

Picture: Leicht Kuechen,

Number 8: If colour on the outside is too much for you, why not colour the inside of your kitchen cupboards. This will make you smile every time you open the doors! In this kitchen from Leicht Kuechen different shades of green are used to make a statement.

Picture: Leicht Kuechen,

Number 9: Midnight blue and a cool white create a contrasting colour scheme in this kitchen from Alno. A white light band at the bottom of the blue bench creates this illusion of a floating bench. If you love blue and want to go for a maritime look watch this colour scheme!

Picture: Alno,

Number 10: If you have to work with a small space this combined bench, shelf and table solution from Schueller could be an option for you. The tomato red is definitely an eyecatcher and creates an inviting and cosy atmosphere. The quirky can pendant makes this a real fun place!

Picture: Schueller,


I really hope that you find some inspiration for your own kitchen or ideas for your next renovation. What is your favourite way of making your kitchen a fun place to be? I appreciate if you leave your comments here.


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