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I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life. Elsie de Wolfe

Downsize with Style and Enhance Your Apartment Lifestyle

Apartment Downsizing

apartment downsizing - inspiring interior

Are you downsizing into an apartment? Would you like to reinvigorate your lifestyle through an inspiring interior? Are de-cluttering and storage optimisation your biggest challenges? Book an initial consultation to discuss your challenges and learn how my team of experts and I can help you start a new chapter of your life! Read more...

Downsize with Style

Downsize with Style ebook - empty nesters

'Downsize with Style' is the first practical guide for empty nesters to successfully manage their downsizing project. The book is based on an easy-to-follow 5-step process and will help you overcome procrastination, achieving a stylish interior in a smaller space and refine your new lifestyle. Additionally, it covers expert tips from international designers, real estate and removal specialists. So download your FREE chapter today! Read more...

DWS Podcast

Downsize with Style Podcast iTunes

Are you planning to downsize and start a new chapter of your life? Are you procrastinating the move because you have too much furniture and stuff and you don’t know where to start? Are you wondering how to achieve a functional and stylish home in a smaller space? If yes, this show is for you! The Downsize With Style Podcast show not only delivers you practical advice how to get started – topped with inspirational encouragement – but also provides lots of design and decorating tips to create a happy home and refine your new apartment lifestyle. Read more...

Mood Board Workshops


Learn how to achieve your personal and business goals with the powerful mood board technique. No matter if you are a home decorator, a small business owner or a corporate team leader, our mood board workshops will help you gain clarity in a creative process. Read more...

"Bettina also helped me to choose the paint finishes and came up with recommendations for furniture placement and storage solution to optimize the space. I am happy to recommend her to anyone seeking advice in colour and interior styling. Bettina, thank you for your time, energy and advice. You have been extremely professional and the bedroom looks fantastic!"

Kathryn Breusch, Killarney Heights




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